Actually Alone Lyrics

Actually Alone Lyrics by Young jay hawk :
      [Lil Yiff]
I myself is actually alone
I feel like ice cream cone but without the ice cream cone
Haha, I feel like Spongebob but without the Patrick
I feel like magic but can’t do the f*cking tricks
I see everybody all around but they turn me down
They pull me away like a
Subtraction equation
Im surprised people don’t wanna have reasons to
Talk to me

[Verse 1: Lil Yiff]
What the f*ck ya’ll?
You guys don’t listen
Don’t have attention paying me
Pay attention to me
Com’on look at me
It’s like I don’t even fit in no more
I gotta do what I gotta do to not actually be alone
Being alone makes you f*cked up in the head
Theres no new people to meet
They’re all the same
There is no beat running through my head
It’s like nobodys here
I wish they could hear with their ears
sh*t, I’m actually alone

Bad b*tch acts like they don’t see me
My girl is with me but what does she actually see
Girls runnin’ and runnin’ thinkin’ they could
Catch me
But thats all stopped
f*ck it, sh*t happens
I’m actually alone
My dad leaves me out
I don’t wanna shout to get peoples attention
I don’t wanna mention
Every five seconds
To me being alone is actually is a crime
It’s just f*cking with my time
Think about it
People thought I was cool like a was a big hit
But sh*t
Why the f*ck am I alone?

[Verse 2: J-Bird]
Man you da n*gga
The true n*gga
Hmm, let me put it this way
You ain’t alone. Please, n*gga
You got me
Me and you? sh*t thats the bomb. We’re like
Snoopy and Wiz Khalifa
Mostly like Drake and Lil Wayne
We’re like the ying yang sign
You’re black and I’m white
Haha, cracker and n*gga
It’s all you bro. Hit it

[Verse 3: Lil Yiff]
Don’t worry I’m gonna be right here in this spot
But in the future, I’ll have more money than I
Already got
For some reason I love to be alone
I feel confused
I complained about, now I’m loving it
sh*t peace
Here we go
Ya n*ggas out there missin’ out
Haha, it finally peaceful around
This b*tch