Little Mary Phagan Lyrics

Little Mary Phagan Lyrics by Vernon Dalhart :
Little Mary Phagan, she went to town one day
She went to the pencil fact’ry, to get her little pay
She left her home at seven, she kissed her mother good-bye
Not one time did the po’ child think the she was goin’ to die

Then a villain met her, with a brutal heart we know
He smiled and said, “Lil’ Mary, now you go home no more”
He sneaked along behind her, ’til she reached the little room
He laughed and said, “Lil’ Mary, you’ve met your fatal doom”

Newt Lee was the watchman, and when he wounnd the key
Away down in the basement, lil’ Mary he could see
He called for the officers, their names I do not know
They came to the pencil factr’y, and told Newt he must go

Her mother sets a-weepin’, she weeps and mourns all day
She prays to meet her baby, in a better world some day
Judge Roan passed the sentence, you bet he passed it well
Solicitor Hugh M. Dorsey, he sent the brute to death

Astonished asked the question, the angels they do say
Why he kill lil’ Mary, upon one holiday?
Come all of you good people, wherever you may be
Supposin’ little Mary belonged to you or me?