It S Time Lyrics

It s Time Lyrics by Trouble :
[Verse 1]
I done seen too many real n*ggas loose
And let this b*tch n*ggas beat me
Got that from Pac
It feel the same way when I drop
Like God is with us now
Less a n*gga try to trick back to the penitentiary sit me down
But I ain’t goin for that, I ain’t going back for, them are my words right now
Cause truthfully what do we got
Just a couple of n*ggas getting hot off club songs, wearing thongs, on drugs now am I wrong
Dust of dawn I’ll be the same some say I am possess
Now understand the pain of my chest but Trouble is bless
By my heavenly father to walk this earth
And spread the word by people you suppose to
Doing the sh*t that hurts the most
He told me judge ye judge ye not
But how can I not when its men with wives
Sticking they di*ks in n*ggas on the side
Just spreading the fire
Making it worst
The worlds hearse
So ready to die
The attitude I’ve had from birth
Momma by my side
No pops, black as my godfather
So his lessons I provide
This the word to the wise

It’s time
It’s time
It’s time
It’s time
It’s time
It’s time
It’s time
It’s time

[Verse 2]
You may slipping, failing You can’t get up
But it’s your decision if you move or gone be stuck
Don’t trust to many n*ggas with money cause n*ggas tuck
Counting it up And don’t be the same amount of buck
That’s suppose to be there, then they looking like whats wrong
Knowing exactly whats wrong cause they plotted along
Just the other day said fam I’ll never cheat ya
Said yes when asked them Am I my brothers keeper
Treat a b*tch like she deserve to be treated
So I’mma call you dirty sl*t
If you don’t do nothing but f*ck
On a daily bases
No I’m not racist but its real and it’s still alive
One stay right next door to my crib
I’ll tell you how it is
It be white folks on the curve asking for a dollar
If they was rich and you was black wouldn’t even holla
So acknowledge it for that fact
I represent for the trill
Edgewood on my back
That’s just the way I live