GRIMCITY Lyrics by The Virus & Antidote :
[Verse 1:]
You in the City of Grim where the $inners real slim get a grip on the 10. Protecting from the shots of the men with the gat and the face mask, blast. Better back from the gas. Pitter patter glass shattered like a spider web. Spider legs hanging from my head, laying in my bed feeling just a little bit dead. Red blood stains all up on my chest. f*ck God, Grim was never one to be blessed. Rather put me through hell, locked up in my room like an isolated grey jail cell, while i tell my non-fiction tale tale. Waiting for me to fail, you waiting for eternity. Certainly, standing in the line, abusing me verbally. Who is he? f*ck boys stayed curvin me, when askin for a verse, now he ain’t speaking too fluently. Put ’em in a hearse

(Beat Change)

[Verse 2:]
b*tch we up
Grim with the $in in the city we ain’t givin’ no pitty
Steal yo b*tch, and she f*ckin with us so gritty
Pullin up with the pump, shots blowing off screaming “f*ck Donald Trump.”
Slumped off like 12 backwoods, Yung Grim looking a little bit shook
Hearing her screams, tearing out pages from the book
Look, at the schizo so paranoid. Saw her now everyone wanna call him
Soder their lips, thinking he wearing a wire
No white lighters, f*ck it. Wanna light myself on fire
Death is my desire
Yung Grim got the choir, singing my praises
Lil b*tch I’m still the bast*rd of Satan
Don’t even know, what you saying
Forced me super saiyan
Stacks of green is what I’m craving
Like a fiend, b*tch I’m praying, for the stash, of some beans
Runnin’ off with the cream
Cash rules everything that you see (cash rules everything that you see, yuh)