Painting Pictures Lyrics

Painting Pictures Lyrics by The Palmer Squares :
Just listen to me
I said listen to me!

We are witnessing the emergence of a new arrangement for life. And our language is its host. Some words are infected. And it spreads out when the contaminated word is spoken. It enters us when we hear the word, we understand it. Understand?

If it found its way into language, it could leap into reality itself, changing everything!

[Verse 1: Terminal Knowledge]
I live the American dream vicariously
Through various media outlets
I sit and stare at a screen
Hysterically screaming and shouting
When I speak feel red heat
What I breathe is dragon’s breath
Yes I’m a deadbeat from head, feet, then back to head again
Two halfwits make a square whole
Living in peril
Who that kid over there who chew that chicken from Harold’s?
And shoot catfish in a barrel
A petty j*rk finna shirk you of any pennies you’re worth
And I can’t just let go
Cause every verse is a manifesto
Term and Ac*mental sure to grab their pencils and start erasing
Versed in blasting, wrapped in trench coats
With the marksman’s aim to target their game
The bottom line is profit
But the market’s oversaturated
And these heartless corporate bast*rds stay homogenizing genres
And it waters my eyes cause
All I got in this life is music
Now I’m likely gon’ lose the sh*t to some cogs lined up in unison
So sing even if you don’t know the words
Even if you don’t prefer me
In the whip when you’re going to work
Or chilling at the crib smoke herb
And sing until your lymph nodes hurt
Don’t hold the phone though
The audience needs to start to scream
Go Yoko Ono
And nirvana means to blow your own dome
Cough and wheeze when you spark the lah with the Palmer squad
Saw Socrates at the Parthenon
But I forgot to cop a cheap concert tee in the parking lot
Gosh darnit
Talk hard as a rock but maybe he lyin’
Claim he a giant but like Dave seeing Goliath
At heart was soft as a baby’s behind is
Laughing maniacally
To combat the anxiety
But you likely to lose every time so just tighten the noose and fly away

How can you have the balls to go up in front of an army? If you get on the stage, and you are not prepared, get the f*ck out of my business, cause this is a war!

[Verse 2: Ac*mental]
Ayo I kick in any door with hinges forcefully and storm the entrance
Cause my core convictions don’t consist of none of your opinions
The lords of war been in my corner at these tournaments
And fortunately mortals can’t perform under the poor conditions
These scornful nitwits will take you out like a torn meniscus
Two morbid kids with a vacant lot full of war ballistics
I court your mistress through the orchard then I score them digits
Hordes of horny b*tches swarm for pictures like the porno business
Absorb the liquids and I’m lifted
We go deep like f*ck snorkeling
Yo I’m a porpoise with a dorsal fin
Snorting off the porcelain
Ride the whitest horses man
I’m born again
High on my endorphins and a morphine drip
I’m so informative
So inform someone
We been recording, I got more to give
There’s more to come
Windows getting boarded up
So pour me some imported rum
Coral tinted corneas and pupils wide
Hop into the hoopty
I’m Dennis Hopper hoppin’ through these hoops, no hula
Hoot and holler loudly if you coppin’ moolah
Copper coins and dollars too
We can rendezvous for hours
Talkin’ how we got the loot
I got through school, I got through college
How ’bout you?
Conjure up all kinds of grooves
On conga drums like Babalu
Yeah Ac been dope since ’92
Most rappers choke, forgot to chew
I’m on the move and y’all stationary
Call Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry
Can’t never catch me
Heavens to betsy
Ac got it locked like the legend of Nessie (monster)
You couldn’t see me with the sharpest optics
Far above the stars and comets
Soar like Tony Stark up in the Marvel comics
I harness knowledge and argue topics with Harvard scholars
A startled novice with jars of pot in his cargo pockets
Quit harpin’ on us
We’ll embark upon this chart and top it
Snarky carpet bombers bark ebonics and alarming comments
It’s all mnemonics
Carnal knowledge and a thirst for greatness
I curve the grade and stay superlative
So turn the page

I can actually see what he just said! That’s painting pictures!

I’m so informative
So inform someone

Painting pictures

I’m so informative
So inform someone

You gotta have a flow! You gotta have an energy!
Painting pictures
You gotta paint pictures with your mouth
Painting pictures

You’re not in my f*cking league! You’re in the minors!
You understand?

Should we be talking about this?