7 September 2003 Lyrics

7 September 2003 Lyrics by The Elected :
I was riding around with my worst friend
It was the seventh of September; the day that I surrendered
Now fifteen more ’til my birthday
And he was talking about a girl that he’d just met
What was her name? I can’t remember
Oh, but man she was a mover
You should have seen the way she danced
Oh baby, please don’t leave me here with these awful people
I fear may help me become a man I will regret
And they say when you finally lose your love
It’s gone but you never forget
Well, my cup runneth over with dyin’ dreams and losing bets

And if every man’s an island and you just don’t look back
Oh, the stories they say we’ll tell
Well, I tell too many stories, so I guess it’s just as well
Oh, keep that bad news to yourself
Yeah, save it for somebody else
Yeah, baby, I do believe I’ll never see your face again
Oh baby, I got somethin’ to tell you
These awful people don’t know me as well as you do
I’ll save my good side for you
And on the last night of summer and I got you alone
We talked until dawn then I walked you home
And I said baby, there’s someone out there for you
And maybe he’s saved his best side for you