Blackwater Lyrics

Blackwater Lyrics by Tha God Fahim :
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[Verse 1]

[Verse 2: Tha God Fahim]
Snatchin’ b*tches pocketbooks, look
We black mask crooks looking for jooks don’t get your life took
Rollin’ Snoop’s dream back to back
We alleycats shootin’ dice
My man’s like the antichrist
Stab you twice and send you to paradise
This life I lead be full of them parasites

[Verse 3]

[Verse 4: Tha God Fahim]
Ayo my Kel-Tec gotta be vexed, only option is it, gotta be death
I lay you to rest like a high fever, then chop your head like Julius Caesar
I’m maxin’ out on the benchpress, so I could lift tecs
Disrespect your family crest is the quest
Eat your flesh
I’ll make you feel blessed, open the pearly gates
Emerge the hate, we like earthquakes, tryna make somethin’ shake
I roll a dollar outta 15 cent
Add my 2 cents
Imma nuisance
My plug drop the science with the blueprint

[Verse 5]

[Verse 6: Tha God Fahim]
I’m miraculous
Beef with us is hazardous, from the shadows of Nazareth
Just know I mastered this
You could never be this nice
I stomp you till your last inch of life
This dirty n*gga got, blood on my ACGs
I should of let the P99 squeeze
n*gga please
MC’s bow down on they knees
And recognize God
You must be seeing sh*t like a mirage
Just be more careful when you mention the gods