Start Again Lyrics

Start Again Lyrics by RUSSELL! :
[Verse 1: Pryde]
Another chapter passes by in the novel of my legacy
Waking up to sunshine and my mama’s flippin’ eggs for me
Dad’s out at work, little sister’s at elementary
Older brother’s sleepin’ in
Now change the perspective to a kid out in Africa
Who never has a bite to eat
Strugglin’ with no water with his tummy rubbin’ stridently
Ask yourself, are you having the worst day of your life?
Cause there’s people out in the world just being hurt all day and night
And ofcourse we have our struggles and our day is always messed up
But worse things can happen, you just gotta keep your head up
To everybody there having sorrow at a measure
Just know today’s a blessing and tomorrow will be better

As much as the bad comes in I keep going
When the problems in the night, I start over in the morning
When people pull me down I just have to know
To trust myself and then I get up
I just wanna fly away, when I’m having a pretty bad day
But I don’t trip cause this is not my end cause tomorrow we start again
Start again

[Verse 2: Pryde]
You had a break up now baby trust me
He may just be a j*rk but never think that you be ugly
Every woman is a queen and that’s a known fact
To all the females in the world sit and know that
To all of you dudes out in the world with a 9 to 5 I give you thumbs up
You picked up your pride inside
Go support your family cause your effort makes them glad
Kids be happy for you fathers cause I’ve never had a dad
Listen close to what I say and it’s hard to follow
Value everyone you know, they might be gone tomorrow
Cause even when all your happiness isn’t major or right
You gotta’ treat the present like the last day of your life


Cause even when the days go rough, I just go on
Cause this life, I cherish even when times go wrong
This world’s so cold. Day by day
If we help one another we can all make a change
I don’t trip cause this is not the end, cause tomorrow we start again

[Hook x2]