Travelling Alone Lyrics

Travelling Alone Lyrics by Ron Sexsmith :
With my free hand I’ll flag it down
This oncoming day
I’ll hitch a ride far from this town
And be on my way
In this world of beginners
Singled out their faces unknown
These saints and these sinners
Agendas of their own
All traveling alone
From the dreams at hand there’s no divorce
In sickness and in health
It’s a fever that must run its course
Before you are well
For worse or for better
Whichever way the wind may blow
We’re in this together
With hang-ups of our own
We’re traveling alone
For worse or for better
We’ve set out on that road
It’s one on one
You and your soul
And nobody else
Just look around this train is full
Of folks who keep to themselves
These faces in windows
Heading out for places unknown
Though lives intermingle
Our thoughts are left to roam
All traveling alone