Good For Nothing Being Mrs Banks Reprise Lyrics

Good For Nothing Being Mrs Banks reprise Lyrics by Richard M. Sherman & Robert B. Sherman, George Stiles :
(Good For Nothing)

When you realize your worst fears have been realized
And certainty may seem a bit less sure
Ideas that at one time one idealized
Now don’t seem so ideal anymore

Where once there was order, chaos has been loosed
And home truths like chickens
Are coming home to roost

Illusions may shatter, but memories stay
The things that really matter
I lost on the way

The sovereign, the master
And long may he reign
The famous good for nothing
Of Cherry Tree Lane

George, dear
I know it hurts your pride, dear
But you can’t just run and hide, dear
Why can’t you see that I’m here?
And I am on your side

Whenever you spoke of Miss Andrew
You showered the woman with praise
But now that I’ve met dear Miss Andrew
There are one or two things I’d rephrase

To think you were raised by that monster
And carrying that burden through life
If only you had seen that you could share it with your wife

(Being Mrs. Banks (reprise))

Being Mrs. Banks
It’s easy to forget
The way I felt that summers day
The day that we first met

Being Mrs. Banks
Being kissed by you
A man of dreams
Who made me feel
That wishes could come true

And now although you’re lost
It’s time that we closed ranks
I’ll fight for the man that needs freeing
The real you who no one is seeing
And you’ll find a way of just being
Being Mr. Banks