Way Lyrics

Way Lyrics by Quavo :
[Intro: Quavo]
3 way
3 way
3 way
3 way

[Verse 1: Quavo]
I’m attached to the stacks
Still having big straps
Phone tap running laps cross the map hot trap
50,000 on craps
Plug got that baby powder
These n*ggas out here sour
80k perform for an hour
Should of played for the Dolphins
Should of played for the Saints
n*gga saying it’s a drought
Takeoff still having pints
Still playing with that oil
Still playing with that dope
Might catch me on the nawf
Still chopping it up with Bo
I got b*tches out in Florida
Having b*tches out in Georgia
New b*tch hit my phone said she wanna give me dome
Cutting dope by Georgia dome
High school, no diploma
Remember days on the nawf
Now I’m quarterback a coach
Better watch your approach when you pull up on the ‘chos
Yeah my n*ggas having sticks
Mama didn’t raise a b*tch
Now your b*tch always call my phone for motherf*cking snow
Today I just met the plug put him in the figure four (coca)
Old Quavo might just pull up and just kick a door n*gga
Free my n*gga Westside got 5 to the dope n*gga
Free my n*gga Kobe got 15 to the net (money)
Now I got some hired shooters with the coolants on the TECs
I don’t mean no disrespect but I came for the checks (yea)
They free’d the savage Set
Concerts in Quebec
Put her on the grits
Young n*gga hitting them licks
No Label 3
Independent signed for bricks

[Verse 2: Offset]
(huh-huh) Jumped off the porch porch)
(huh-huh) Picked up the fork
(huh-huh) Stay with the torch (baow, graow)
(huh) We did this sh*t from the Nawf (Nawf)
(huh) n*ggas be thinkin I’m actin’ tough (actin’ up)
I’m with the sh*t I don’t give a f*ck
Slaughter your daughter get passed to my partner we f*ck her then call up an Uber truck (uh)
f*ck it up (f*ck it up)
f*ck it up (f*ck it up)
Getting that pot do an uppercut (uh)
Get in that pus*y like cootie cutters (oh)
Get you some money then live it up (cash)
Pull out that stick he start hiccing up (huh)
You see the ski start b*tching up (b*tch)
Stand on the stage and pipe it up (pipe it up)
f*cking your hoe while you wife her up (aye)
I got the birds like Mighty Duck (brrr)
Swerve on the curb in the Bentley truck (skrt)
f*ck what you talking we pulling up (f*ck it)
Your face on the ground n*gga pick it up (pick it up)
No Label (huh-huh)
No Label (huh-huh)
No Label (nah)
I’m getting my own paper (cash)
I get your b*tch and slay her (raow)
I’m the president I’m not the mayor (huh)
Diamonds got my body cold I got em’ bout four layers
I need a b*tch that look like Draya
Catching bricks off in the mail (brick)
Nudie jeans
Ice creams from Pharrell
I’m a player (player)

[Verse 3: Takeoff]
Came in the game (aye)
Knock at the door
Nobody answered had to do a kick door (boom)
My n*ggas they on the same sh*t (same)
Had to tell em’ what that bando was for
I know that we not from Atlanta n*gga what you think them two fingers and thumb for (Nawf)
And they been hating on me since I was a lil’ boy tell me something I don’t know (know)
It’s been a long road (long)
I put in work but no cheat code (no)
Pen on paper like kinko
Never look back and won’t sell my soul (never look back)
Real n*ggas never fold (naw)
Say you a hundred but you told (huh)
It’s hot outside it ain’t cold
n*gga seen the Draco and froze (pus*y)
n*gga acting bold I’m a f*ck around and wipe the pus*y n*gga nose (wipe)
Strip a n*gga out his clothes (strip)
Don’t like it then pay what you owe
Bigger backend at the shows (backend)
Spanish for Telemundo (spanish flow)
I got the Act in the bag right now (Act’)
But I won’t send you a four (nah)
Dope dressed up in saran it look like the pope (pope)
And get smoked from the gas bags it’ll make you choke
If you pour up, smoke or snort coke
That what float your boat (boat)
This No Label not uno not dos
Come from the goats