Insane Lyrics

Insane Lyrics by Prozak :
[Verse 1: Prozak]
Another dreaded day of anguish
My life is conflicted, contorted and twisted
Labyrinth of logistic language
And it seems that I’m always lettin’ everybody pass me by
And I haven’t slept since I woke up and find out my life’s a lie
A manic depressive with such compulsive tendencies
It’s need to get away from me, cause I am my own enemy
I’m thinking these pills will set me free
Or it’s the best to bleed
I grab my razor blade but it’s not helping me
And theraphy? Yeah I’ve tried it
Confided till I decided to stick my knife
Inside her and now I’ll end subsided
And now she haunts me, taunts me, stalks me
I think she wants to be the death of me
Get the f*ck off me!
I can’t stop screamin’, am I awake or dreamin’?
It seems there’s no normal reasons to please these inner demons
f*ck it, I guess I’m high and above
I guess I call my own bluff
Step up for the edge of the roof and jump

[Hook: Violent J]
Who controls the insane? It’s automatic
Who’s the one to take blame? It’s automatic
(Insane!) Like a flame in the windstorm
No direction, for who gets burned
Random, miscellaneous madness
It’s automatic (insane!)

[Verse 2: Violent J]
You have never felt the pain like this here so surreal
Explosions are super fear, unloadin’ between my ears
My finger nails growin’ another four inches probably at the hour
My blood is dried up inside me and blows out like powder
I try to scream, but it enhances my panic
I see 200 little kids laughing at me in bloody pajamas
And in damned Jesus sits way beyond the suicidal ticks
Think my soul is in his grips when there not my motor takes
I got berzerk like I’m playin’ video game with my life
Start killin’ em all with my knife
Under the freeway bridges, hittin’ homeless and schizophrenic
Stuck in sudden dead flesh, electro panic
Got me stuck in the sudden dead flesh (electro panic)


[Verse 3: Shaggy 2 Dope]
My brain is off limits, even I ain’t giving orders
I’m stucked inside my body I bond these slaughters
I have no control over my arms as they choke you
So quit begging me to stop
This squirming making your body flop
It’s 600 degrees on my forehead!
My body is frozen cold I’m layin’ in your bed
The woman spinnin’ fast in one way
I spin’ as whole the other
All I see is an axe and knives meeting each other
They almost got me, I was smoking rocks behind the grady
They blow up on me with their lights, guns drawn and pepper spray
Woke up again next to three dead flesh
I don’t know when the insanity begins, insanity ends
I don’t know when the insanity begins, insanity ends