Playful Partner Lyrics

Playful Partner Lyrics by Pluto :
Half back lover
Remember steady set go
Lonesome number
Cancelling your remaining row

Just remember you’ll get plenty today
Your pull out letter again

Past public search you
They’re plaguing your groove
Wants and numbers
Passing on the glue

Oh don’t you pry me out


You’re a little bit sick
Do what you need
And I’m so rich
With all your greed
Come and see for yourself
And tell me do you agree

So sour cream b*tch
Go on listen to me
Well Hell yeah I’m on your lips
Come on taste and see

Bet you can touch it up yourself
Oh it’s not wrong
Yes you can touch it up yourself
It’s not wrong
Ohhhhh hoooooooooo
Dana da danaaaaaaa danaaaaa

No no no no no nono no onooonononononooooooo