Dantes Inerno Lyrics

Dantes Inerno Lyrics by Nodfather :
Only royalty is ever laid to rest in fallen rain
It’s insane, we were talking ’bout our love the other day
Damages, no bandages. I got this numbness in my veins
Coursing through my heart and soul until the lord will take my name
Fire works and heart attacks, hit your line no calling back
I’m in my mind. my astral bodies searching, fight off these serpants
And his servants of delusion. (uh)
Certain I’ma loose it but
I need to find your voice so I can try to go get through this. (uh)
Never have I felt a summer that’s been cold
Try to vent out all this pain but to my peer I seem insane
I guess it looks like I’m gonna have to walk this road alone
Walk this road alone, but f*ck em anyways

[Hook] (2x)
I don’t want to live this Dantes inferno
Never want to live this Dantes inferno
But I gotta live this Dantes inferno
I’m falling through the rings of hell in search of finding her soul