Cherry Blossom Lyrics

Cherry Blossom Lyrics by Nalyd :
[Verse 1]
Since I’m not there all I think about Is kissing
The only way to make this easier is not existing
I’m in my room alone
I have all the room to talk
And reason with myself why i let you consume my thoughts
And all these upper east side studio apartments
But they all got the same things in em tho
It’s pitiful
It’s critical I need to know
Why ur self esteem is low
Really though I am in love with the lady of Autumn and the queen of snow

You know it’s love

[Verse 2]
It’s wonderful the way we don’t communicate in better ways
Without you today’s emotions are the scuff of yesterday’s
Maybe on a better day I’ll travel to your sceneries
I wish I could paint a picture of everything you mean to me
I don’t think you truly see
The way that I see you and me
I’d crawl on my hands and knees even if I had to leave
And so the stress keeps going on
Until I’m off the plane and I can run into your arms

You know it’s love [X3]