Wavy Lyrics

Wavy Lyrics by Mr Traumatik :
[Verse 1]
The voices in my head they’re shouting and they’re screaming
I smoked the half of the Gelato now I’m feeling
I drank a bottle of some rum and now I’m steaming
I took some acid now I’m standing on the ceiling
I’m drinking ayahuasca now it makes me feel
I’m trippin’ out on DMT it’s so unreal
I’m eating psilocybine mushrooms every meal
I smoked an ounce of weed today you know the deal

[Verse 2]
This brand new strain of medical weed is called Tsunami
I keep it natural, I don’t do no crack or charlie
They listen to me and get sea sick my flow is way to wavy
Take some 2C-I and DMT I bet it makes you wavy
And even surfers love my flow because my music’s wavy
I’m deep just like the ocean, and I flow like fluids
When I write lyrics on beats, I make sure I make it wavy
I will smile at you then lift my hand in the air and shake it
f*ck off

[Verse 3]
If I want something, I just close my eyes and envision it
I’ll manifest cannabis, and smoke that weed till my vision is wavy
I’ve been blazing way too much, but it’s my life and I’m living it
So I’ll take some magic mushrooms and overdose I don’t give a sh*t
When I release DMT from my pineal gland my chakras wavy
Then I leave my physical body and levitate and fly backwards
I don’t walk no where, cause astro-traveling’s faster
When I go to the amazon jungle, I’m gonna drink ayahuasca