Steal It Lyrics

Steal It Lyrics by MF Grimm :
I know you’re mad cause I’m not kicking street sh*t
Gun sh*t, bullsh*t, bust sh*t, bullsh*t
Man f*ck Grimm, that n*gga’s on some new sh*t
Fronting in these magazines like he don’t do sh*t
But don’t you understand they don’t want you to be sh*t?
Don’t you understand they expect you to cop sh*t?
Cook sh*t, cut sh*t, sell sh*t, smoke sh*t
All I’m saying there’s other ways to do sh*t
Bright sh*t, write sh*t, legit sh*t, cool sh*t
Create sh*t, corporate, build sh*t, improve sh*t
Nothing’s impossible, mountains you can move sh*t
You’re unstoppable, model on some smooth sh*t
Media focus on the negative and push sh*t
Put the world in an uproar, straight George Bush sh*t
It’s time for us to switch sh*t, from the pyramids
Mysteries snatched from Africa put us into slavery
That’s how long we been wearing all this jewelery
On our wrists and ankles, they stole our history, now we’re no one
Why you wanna f*ck with me, know I’m not stable
You never will get rid of me, I’m immortal
Disappointed, pardon me gotta take a stand
These motherf*ckers telling me that I’m not a man
Planet of the Apes you see, Caesar got a plan
Communication’s everything, don’t let ’em know you can
Spooks are sitting by the door, we gotta get the upper hand
Forty acres and a mule is not enough man

Three-fifths red white and blue
Hello America
Leave us red black and blue
Hello America
All this sh*t we been through
Hello America
All my tears are for you
Hello America

Your creations they’ll (Steal it)
Elections they’ll (Steal it)
Your family (Steal it)
The whole nation (Steal it)

They got me labeled under terrorism
But how could the f*cking devil do an exorcism?
Talking about killing my people then the sh*t is cool
But if I rhyme about love then I’m a f*cking fool
I’m weak cause now I wanna build schools
For the babies, make sure that they have tools
To stay alive, health care, life insurance, dental equal balance
Strong physical and the mental
Never will I surrender, we tough man
So all around my chariot is the ghost of Harriet
George Bush to me is a straight up devil
John Kerry’s down with him, he ain’t no better
Sticks and stones and skulls and bones and wear the same sweater
Oil one connives, the other one squeeze Hines
Main go for either one to f*ck with our minds
Subliminal messages stuck in our minds
Bad vibes all around, overwhelm the air
Manipulating frequencies that you can’t hear
And these little cameras that you just can’t see
Uncle Sam is dressed in drag cause he’s a queen bee
And you’re just a worker, United States the beehive
What’s wrong with Grimm, he’s no longer lyrical
His flow is simple but thoughts are so radical
Death’s all I know so I don’t give a f*ck

Three-fifths red white and blue
Hello America (Dance to this)
Leave us red black and blue
Hello America
All this sh*t we been through (Everybody get on the dance floor)
(Dance to this sh*t) Hello America (Dance)
All my tears are for you (Dance in the street)