Day After Tomorrow Lyrics

Day After Tomorrow Lyrics by Maino :
The Day After Tomorrow, The Day After Tomorrow

[Verse 1:]
Look, I’m not the dude that I used to be
Not the dog from the hood on the block that you used to see
Life changed now, things ain’t what they used to be
Fans wanna touch me, the industry is new to me
Gettin’ deeper, this life I’m addicted
Caught up in this world, I’m a fiend, no prescription
Used to be a crook, now I feel like I’m a victim
What happened to the old names, people say they miss them
Maybe I’m a hypocrite, I’ve been on some different sh*t
Said I wouldn’t change but I did, I’m admittin’ it
Guess I wasn’t ready for that fame and exposure
People taking pictures gettin’ richer can’t slow up
Hopin’ for tomorrow, tomorrow really came
Sittin’ in that jail cell, it was just a dream
It was just a dream that turned into reality
Find myself slippin’ tryin’ to hold to reality

It was just a dream, money and the fame
Hopin’ for tomorrow, tomorrow really came
Don’t tell me that I changed, I’m still Jermaine
The day after tomorrow, tomorrow really came [x2]

The day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow
Yeah, I made it, yea, look

[Verse 2:]
I made it, got away from drugs and gunshots
Standing on the beach far away from range drops
Look at me loungin’, girls drop blouses
Back to the club, gettin’ drunk spendin’ thousands
In and out of sport cars, baby this the fast life
Sittin’ in the hotel, reflectin’ on my past life
Used to key work in a jacket on my jean suit
Now I’m in the press, whilin’ out, catchin’ lawsuits
Shoot for the stars, my mother always told me
But she ain’t prepare me for this life with my homies
Tryin’ to stay real in the industry that’s fake
I ain’t tryina sell my soul but I’m tryina get this cake
Tryin’ to get it done, seven room mansion
Parties by the pool, model b*tches dancin’
It was just a dream, fame is what I paid for
How can I complain, it’s the life that I prayed for

[Hook x2]