Relax Lyrics

Relax Lyrics by Lucki :
[Intro: Famous Dex]
Know what I’m saying
This is Chicago sh*t, know what I’m saying
We came from nothing to something, know what I’m saying
Went from Inglewood to Hollywood, you know what the f*ck we doing, yadigg
Kick back, step, woo
Huh, huh, uh Dexter, huh

Wait, sit back never relax
Shooters on me, big mix match
My 30 on me, got the kick back
Run up on ’em, get your sh*t snatched

Okay like, blue dream, white lies
Molly makes me popeye
VLONE, nighttime
Got the lean for the right price

(I got you lil bro)
She suck me on in the nighttime
Bad b*tch with a bright mind
That chick in my house like it’s Popeyes
From trap where you stay in the trap time

Pour fours, need more
Plug think I’m Deebo
He love you, but he broke
Perc crazy, I’m Cee Lo

Bad b*tch do the Cee Lo
Find that b*tch just like Nemo
He got money but he broke
I want the money, I need more

Man like Fat Belly, I’m him too
Call [?] I’m in to
Dash money, ain’t sh*t new
Dash money, ain’t sh*t new

Can’t f*ck with n*ggas, they mildew
Went home, n*ggas still fu
This 50 shot, it’ll peel you
Shooters all in the field too

I’m too high, wouldn’t diss you
Pop 6, this feel new
b*tch, deal with your issue
Leave her all in my rear view

Ohh, huh, uh, chh, huh
b*tches they all in they issues, huh
b*tches they all in they issues
Run up on him, rock him just like some tissues
Huh, ooh, huh, what, huh
Diamonds colored like some cereal, huh
Diamonds colored like some cereal
Hang with the goons, I swear they gonna kill you
Uh what