Sky S The Limit Lyrics

Sky s The Limit Lyrics by Lil B :
Man, this the realest sh*t I ever wrote man
All my people, sky’s the limit, know what I mean?
It’s your boy Lil B
f*ck the world
You know what I mean, sky’s the limit out here
Motherf*ckers say I can’t do it, man
Motherf*ckers said I ain’t gonna be sh*t, I ain’t gonna do sh*t, I ain’t gonna see sh*t
Tell these motherf*ckers like this man
Sky’s the limit bro, you know what I mean?
I’m on y’all

[Verse 1]
I’m talking ride or die, a lot of n*ggas don’t respect that
I’m really from the block and no n*gga intercept that
Yeah, sky’s the limit, that’s why I’m riding ’round tinted
Can’t nobody stop my vision, I’m blind to the fishes
While I’m in the ocean, I’m riding from the bottom
Can’t nobody see the bottom ’til you live and breathe the bottom
My eyes is red from crying, all my partners steady lying
All my brothers steady dying, I’m feeling like the lion
Yeah, i’m a Leo, I’m feeling like a zero
I’m knowing I’m a hero, but they only see my ego
Yeah, now how I’m supposed to move
When you looking at the world, but all you see is you
I guess I’ll keep twisting, I guess I’m on the mission
A Polaroid vision, is the clear coated picture
While I keep spitting, I gotta keep living
Listening to my iPod, saying “Sky’s the limit”
That’s real

[Hook x2]
Homie, sky’s the limit, I’m praying I don’t die now
I gotta be the best so my mom’s say “her son” proud
I can’t cry no more, I can’t cry no more

[Verse 2]
Back to home base, sh*t, I’m back to living Front Street
Never think you own sh*t, cause boys will disown you
Say I’m the best, and I battle on Fridays
Used to get games from Derek and compadres
Every so often, I would be walking
I’m Luke Skywalker with no sky fortress
Catch my drift? I’m raw and I’m hungry
Dearly beloved, I’m tired of being hungry
I got up off my ass, and started making hit songs
And it wouldn’t be long, ’til I hear the street songs
That’s why I stay real and kept my head f*cking active
I kept my heart beating and I always stay laughing
That’s the only way that I got through the tragic
Cause life through my eyes, you gon’ need some new glasses
I can’t be passive, I gotta go get it
I got one chance and I really can’t miss it
Sky’s the limit

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
Man, if I die, my music live right here
Like bullets, I’m strapped like Nike Air’s
See my family, and I love every one of them
Want to see my grandma proud of her grandson
And that’s the most special
I don’t pray everyday but I hope for a blessing
Maybe hard work is a prayer in itself
A player in the game, I’m playing for the belt
I’m in a league with the best now
No time to stress now, gotta be the best out
And I still got that bulletproof vest
If I ever need to ride, or I’m ever put to test
Ask Yung Bruh, I been with the action
I do many things, it’s just a small fraction
Of stuff that I do, cause life’s the real test
I’ma be the f*cking best, sky’s the limit to the death, my n*gga

I can’t cry no more
I can’t cry no more