Princess Freestyle Pt 1 Lyrics

Princess Freestyle Pt 1 Lyrics by Lil B :
I don’t wanna destroy y’all ears
I don’t know
Basedgod, you feel me?
Based freestyle
I’m back b*tch
Basedgod, you feel me?

[Verse 1]
b*tches on my di*k
10 on my balls
Young Basedgod came in straight with that soup
Big ass di*k
Young ass ho
Gold grill n*gga
f*ck your b*tch in her throat
Young Basedgod comin’ straight with that swagger
Young Basedgod come long like a magnum
Young Basedgod do that thang y’all don’t know about
10 on that Glock leave your hood f*ckin’ laid out
Ex-drug dealer
Ex f*ckin robber, leave your sh*t with that
Leave your ass sleepin’
Run to til that deacon
Run til that b*tch that I leave your broad sleepin’
Young Basedgod comin’ straight for the weekend
30 thousand weekend
50 thousand Monday
10 for the verses
b*tch I’m lyin’
20 for the verse
And I’m big like that lion
Solid in this forest
Leave that b*tch droolin’
Young Basedgod and I been goin’ stupid
Young Basedgod and I been so ruthless
What the f*ck you think
Man we leave you n*ggas toothless
Comin’ through shootin’
n*ggas come blastin’
30 thousand jewelry
You n*ggas can’t have it
Young Basedgod comin’ straight with that swaggin’
di*k hangin’ out my pants
You know I’m f*ckin’ laughin’
n*ggas don’t care though
b*tches so scared though
Young Basedgod come strapped like velcro
Young Basedgod do my thing ’cause I’m with it
Damn I look so good
Damn I’m so vicious
Damn I need a orange juice, I’m citrus
[?] in the b*tches
Finer than my b*tches, a princess
Damn I’m a princess
Goon ass negro
Rob your f*ckin’ b*tch and I never gave a f*ck though
10 on that broccoli
Your mothaf*ckin’ head leak
b*tches suck my di*k

Basedgod n*gga
You know what the f*ck we doin’ bruh
You feel me?
[?] my face
Yeah, based, based

[Verse 2]
Got the based chain
Swagged out rings
Ice on my neck
It looks like rain
b*tch take a sip
Drip, drip
Young Basedgod put that thang on that hip
Shouts out to mothaf*ckin’ Basedworld
Shouts out to haters
You sleepin’ b*tch I’m in your dreams
Comin’ in your dreams with that motherf*ckin’ voodoo
Like, woo woo, suck my di*k
Young Basedgod comin’ straight with that sh*t though
Jewelry on my neck don’t know where it came from
No you cannot get this
Yes I have many b*tches
Go to my MySpace
Popular ass n*gga do my thang since 15
Came from the hood doin’ things you ain’t never seen
I should’ve been dead though
Facin’ 36 years
Young Basedgod I wrote a book
Damn I’m goin’ crazy
n*ggas goin’ maybe
Young Basedgod f*ckin’ straight in the 80s
Shout out to East Oakland I’m ridin’ with the…
n*ggas on my di*k ’cause I look like a princess
b*tches on my di*k because I look better than them
Damn it’s Basedgod
Damn I’m swaggin’
Pretty boy n*gga and I fit that whole magnum

Based n*gga
Based [?] ya feel me?
Basedgod you know what we doin’ today
Based freestyle
You know I don’t show my face
Basedgod on the beat too man
Lil B
You know I don’t show my face
Waterfront man, pretty boy
Wolf pack