Oils Lyrics

Oils Lyrics by LE1F :

Uh, Ya

[Verse 1: Le1f]
Now this is a debacle, I’m a genie in a bottle
And you only get three wishes, then it’s f*ckin Merry Christmas
Gold, frankincense, and myrr
Let me play with ya hurr
I wanna take it there
You stink, but I don’t care
Cause boy I love ya pheromones
Can you come and make this pharaoh moan?
Leaking endorphins and testosterone
I’ma have to take ya home

[Hook: Le1f & Junglepus*y]
I think I like you broke cause
Cause you funky like whoa
Can you be my honey bee?
This sh*t is to the oils
This sh*t is to the oils, oils, oils, oils
This sh*t is to the oils, oils, oils, oils
You were tens across the boards when I
When I get a whiff of you
You make my blood boil, n*gga
This sh*t is to the oils, n*gga

[Verse 2: Le1f]
If we ain’t canoodling, then who is you foolin?
With your sexy ass and my sexy ass, it’s a shoe-in!
So cool is the mojo, banjee is the motto
Like Jasmine in the bottle, we sexy like models
You put a spell on me, got me feelin extra horny
So I put a spell on you, now it’s the never ending story
We spliffin on Indo, crack open a window
It’s just Family Matters in here like we on some Winslow

[Hook: Le1f & Junglepus*y]

[Verse 3: Junglepus*y]
The scent of cocoa butter and cash is now in the building
Where all the sexy n*ggas at?
Better be in the back cause I got it like that
Spent all day lotioning, mixing up this potion
And pampering this p*ssy
Last time I gave a n*gga this good sh*t he ain’t know what to do with it
Is ya palms sweaty, better get a grip
Take a whiff of this chocolate skin
What a pleasure, new found treasure
The taste of sin
Let it drip drop the way my panties did
When I saw the shadow of that c*ck/[bleep] as the clock stroke 1am
That’s when the fun began
You was smellin’ so good
Made plans, snatched ya hand out the club
Had to make you my man
I don’t do one-night stands, but goddamn
You make me wanna
You make me wanna sniff you baby
Somethin different about you baby and the vision is crystal
Is you mystical? The way you mystify me?
With the bliss in your dangerousness
Let me, let me dip, baby, dip into an abyss of your kiss