Timeless J Dilla Tribute Lyrics

Timeless J Dilla Tribute Lyrics by J Dilla :
[Verse 1]

Still the highest give thanks
To all my suppliers Why they left me
The wisest? I’m clouding what’s open minded
Since I focused on rhyming, I buried any
Distraction watching how they practice like
They have it knowing they acting
Who the coming attraction? They circling
So I lay it Give em nothing but heat
When I speak I rip em’ and slay ’em
Respecting just how he made ’em
Good to mold and create ’em
Swear it’s nothing could bait ’em
And even less to relate ’em
They calling me Aaron Al
SoHo to Harlem style growing into
A man since I been wild as a child
Lately my mind is spacey and chickens
I’m rarely dating walking tall like a King and
These rhythms they do me greatly my reactions are crazy
Barking at me no rabies for the sound that
I’m giving it’s something not around lately
Why the glory it chase me tell
Me no need for racing know I have
What it takes yet between the takes
I’m just pacing thinking gotta get better
Blowing parmigiana cheddar cash was never
An object for stressing over I’m set up still
I only had paper for b*tches clubs and new get-ups
Now I don’t give a lick I’m just stacking chips
For the Winter blowing it every Summer most
These rappers are frontas’ put your style against
Mine ain’t no lie I’m leaving em’ done up
Rap and hunt for the come-up running right to my
Maker never stress the mistakes since my
Talent proved that I’m favored closest thing
To the takers real respect realest haters
Left it all on the snares can’t compare
I’m just greater rolling rocking and reaping
Lay the track and it’s leaking now
It’s okay for peaking since I’m no longer a secret


And I’m wingin’ it money come spending it they
Call pressing end alone till then end and I’m
Living life everlasting lasting giving
Critics nothing less than classics ask em
I’m running in I’m all down to win they all doubting ’em we
Ain’t counting ’em and I’m living life everlasting
Lasting giving critics nothing less than classics’
Ask em

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