Hood Life Lyrics

Hood Life Lyrics by Gio :

I’m working tryin get this money for the bros somebody told me keep up my n*gga you got that flow so never stop & show them n*ggas where you gon go its about Time I take my bros out the hood so we could live right sit tight enjoy life I told them ppl chill why u hatein or why u wanna fight cuz im spitin dat fire dum n*ggas singing Mariah my n*ggas gettin up higher Them n*ggas lookin yea we flyer…. NA I ain’t
Never gon stop CHRISS Bhriss keep going jus show em wat u got I’m jus thinkin bout the money I’m thinkin bout the life on flights every night FRIST flights reborn live twice for dem n*ggas who told me I can’t live it they tight cuz they see how that’s going um yea dame right fans love me cuz they know my flow is real nice & cuz i f*cks the beat up they could call me ick

Auh Yougin wit a dream & a dallor just willin to rap jus so he could do it for his momma so she could live wit no problems so she could live wit no drama get her out the hood move her to the bohomos & den I get the hunnit k & spend it on the Bros den make sure that Dey good den be outiyos ima live this fast life dats all I know if you don’t kno it by now it’s CHRISS Bhriss LETSS goo

More money more problems for Chris Bhriss cuz they told him he gon get in & get rich make sure he take care of da fam & sh*t never have no problems wen it comes to it

Get up out the hood live that life do wat I should do what I could is right !

And I’m coming for the team & we aimin to get this Doe n*gga you no