Highly Anticipated Lyrics

Highly Anticipated Lyrics by Dave East :
They say I’m highly anticipated, uh
Everyday life
They say I’m highly anticipated, uh
They say I’m highly anticipated, uh

[Verse 1: Dave East & (Lil Durk)]
They say I’m highly anticipated
She boujee, she highly sophisticated
Jump on a highway, we rental plated
Them n*ggas ain’t riding, they giving statements
Bust down my watch, diamonds in the face
I got haters proud to say I made it (proud)
I got the loud, I’m in a spaceship (loud)
Them n*ggas ain’t wild that’s entertainment
I broke down a pound down in the basement
I don’t got time to take a photo (yeah, yeah)
Pistol loaded, b*tch I’m yelling yolo
n*ggas out here telling I was selling dolo
I ain’t not no motherf*cking role model (role model)
They put my face on a gold bottle
You won’t throw hollows, you want no problems
You wan’t no smoke, n*gga, don’t bother (ah)
Herbo want Tia or Tamera or somethin’ (ooh)
They don’t pay up, then we airin’ somethin’ (grah)
I might collab with Moncler or somethin’
Like my b*tch is naked wearin’ nothin’ (wearin’ nothin’)
She ain’t mine, we can share somethin’ (share somethin’)
You actin’ like you can’t hear or somethin’ (hear or somethin’)
I be talking to the mirror tryin’ to see it clear
‘Nother a half a million coming (ugh)
She on my di*k, that’s a kill coming
f*ck the opps, they ain’t killed nothing
I was lean drinkin’, I was pill dumping
How your ass fake and you a real woman?
I was out grinding, for real popping (for real)
For Halloween, we was still pumping
Shooter acting like a barber now
When the spot packed, n*ggas still cutting

[Verse 2: Lil Durk & (Dave East)]
Ooh, woah, I put my heart and my soul in this (heart and soul)
‘Cause I be riding with the gangsters
Why the system tryna control my sh*t? (I don’t know)
They only doing it ’cause I’m famous (famous n*gga)
Grew my dreads back, f*ck the wave grease
Who would’ve thought I’d be right here right now with Dave East? (Durkio)
I’m with the robbers, with the scammers on the daily (my n*ggas)
And I be smiling at the n*ggas who done played me, yeah, yeah ( f*ck ’em)
You don’t know, I came from nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing
You don’t know (you don’t know, n*gga)
You don’t know, I came from hustling, hustling, hustling ( hustle)
Can’t no old head mislead me (nah)
Had to leave my old b*tch ’cause that b*tch greedy
I tried to go and clean my image, tried to feed the needy
And I told all of my guys, they back, can’t make a n*gga bleed me, yeah, yeah
I can’t keep no secret, I f*cked a famous hoe (me too)
I ain’t trick off, she tricked off on me, I saved the hoe
And I f*cked his baby mama with the plainest clothes
I ain’t want no Patek, ain’t want no Rollie, then the trenches ghost
Highly anticipated, highly anticipated
Highly anticipated, highly anticipated
This for ya’ll who waited

[Outro: Dave East]
(They say I’m highly anticipated, uh)
Everyday life
(They say I’m highly anticipated, uh) Uh
(They say I’m highly anticipated, uh) Uh