Never Felt The Pain Lyrics

Never Felt The Pain Lyrics by D.A. :
You’ve never felt the pain
You’ve never felt the pain

[Verse 1: Mack G]]
You ain’t never felt the pain of tryna live
Ducking all the murderous blocks
Toting Tec-9’s for fear
Being harassed by the cops
My homie T sent some chop
So I could open up shop
Commiting sins while I’m on blocks
In my mental they seem necessary
Climbing to the top
Live the Thug life like Pac
No deal yet
But we live for the rock
Where I’m from
Nobody’s in the same gang
From Sabine to 14th though
We all sling cane
All running toward the same thing
I ran out the hood
And started chasing this fame thing
Taking chances when I say things
Because a word is a weapon
And it could shake up the mainframe
So I’m here tryna change things
Because the block make men
Then break ’em in the same way