Dance Lyrics

Dance Lyrics by CyHi The Prynce :
Everytime my song come on I make the people dance
{I make the people danncceee}
My momma don’t like none of the girls I date because all my b*tches dance
{Cause all my b*tches dannccee}
All I want… {All IIIII}
All I Want… {I wanntt}
Is to see you dance {is to see you dannccee}
Girl I’m trying to get with you
If we were still in school; I would’ve taken you to the dance

[Verse 1: Cyhi]
Everybody dance when they play my song
If you don’t like Prynce should have stayed at home
Hoes that talk
Turn me off
n*ggas just made cuz they not ON
Tell your boy to lower his voice, before I have to raise my tone
All I smoke is the loud… Wanna taste my strong?
Girl I like them jeans, but they look better when they not on
If your ass had teeth, I swear it would have ate that thong
She just moved down here from Texas, ain’t been in the “A” that long
But like most of them shorty want to dance… cuz she gotta payback loans


[Verse 2:
Yeah… Huh?
So let me roll my marijuana
Im a don with the cannon I don’t care for drama
My n*ggas don’t dance my cats just Bob, something like the team from Carolina
If the night goes right, then I might throw pipe
Girl you can’t say that Im not your type
I ain’t got no wife, so if you like prynce then flash them tits like Fiber-lights
IF you can throw money shorty why throw rice?
I rap tight like gyros… I know… Im so nice on the mic “polite”
When I’m dehydrated I’ll hydro light
Im like the concessions at the movies… cuz im so high
Don’t dance with the devil because I know Christ
And I still will aim… cuz I don’t Skype
OKAY??? Alright???