Underworld USA Lyrics

Underworld USA Lyrics by Cold Cave :
They said the meek shall inherit the earth
Oh God that seems like so much work
I want to sing and dream and drink and cry
And let this night pass me by

Take me to the future I’m ready
My affection is so unsteady
I can think of tomorrow
I can sleep through today
As the sun melts the ice caps away

I’ll carry your cross now baby
It’s a blasphemous world today
We are the tender missionary
From the Underworld USA

It is so easy to confess
When you are guilty of nothing less
Than a crooked wretched stupid tepid

Take me to your bedroom I’m ready
My complexion is so unsteady
I remember tomorrow
I forget yesterday
I want to move into your body and stay

I’ll bury your pain now baby
Are you happier now
In the tender cemetery
Where we always are
Here to stay

They said the meek shall inherit the earth
I want to know what it’s all worth
With a knife in my back
And a star in my eye
Let this life pass me by

Can you take me to your heaven I’m ready
I know the weight of my heart is too heavy
I will love you with all of the love that I have
Even if that means there’s none left for me

A cosmic kiss in the dead of night
A curse lifted under streetlight
I will love you in the future forever
Until my heart explodes
And it will