Jitterbug Lyrics

Jitterbug Lyrics by Cab Calloway :
If you’d like to be a jitter bug
First thing you must do is get a jug
Put whiskey, wine and gin within
And shake it all up and then begin
Grab a cup and start to toss
You are drinking jitter sauce!
Don’t you worry, you just mug
And then you’ll be a jitter bug!

Hear this fat boy blowing his horn;
He’s been a bug since the day he was born
His favorite jitter sauce is rye
I swear, he’ll drink it ’til the day he die!
Toot your whistle and ring your bell
Oh, butchie-wutchie, time will tell
Don’t you worry, you just mug
You’ll always be a jitter bug!

These four boys playing saxophone
Order jitter sauce by phone
Central, give me Harlem 4-9-4
I think these bugs could drink some more
They drink sauce from morn to night
And never stop until they’re tight
Don’t you worry, they just mug
They’re poor little jitter bugs!

Now, here’s old Father, a wicked old man
Drinks more sauce than the other bugs can
He drinks jitter sauce every morn
That’s why jitter sauce was born
See him shake with his trombone
He just can’t leave that sauce alone
Get along, Father, you just mug
You’ll always be a jitter bug!

There’s Rip Van with his eyes a-twinkle
We named him after Rip Van Winkle
Like Rip, he’d sleep for twenty years
If he could get his fill of beer
Rip drinks his sauce, gets on the stand
Soon he forgets that he’s in the band
Don’t awaken him, just let him mug;
He’ll always be a jitter bug