Claudette Lyrics

Claudette Lyrics by Algiers :
I wanted
To forgive you and forget
But now I’m haunted
By what replaces you instead
There’s no city whose end
Was so lamentable as Memphis
Today is not even a ruin
As I crack a smile
While you fade to death
Oh no, Claudette

I couldn’t help but crack a smile

The further that you get
My darling
I’m filled with regret, yeah
Tall figures encircle us
You’re staggering in red
So cold and led astray
Betrayed by the Good Place
The God Crown in their
Outstretched hands
We’re forced to walk away
Then the wolves descend…

Oh Claudette
I knew you’d lead me astray
No Claudette
I don’t want you to stay
Go Claudette
And drift away from the light
No Claudette
I can’t keep from smiling