44 Caliber Love Letter Lyrics

44 Caliber Love Letter Lyrics by Alexisonfire :
Sifting through weathered photo albums
(Does it make a difference?)
Looking for gloriously aged polaroids
(This is the way it is)
(You think it really would make a difference? Would I hang on the beach in perfect black and hide?)
Of places you’ve never been
(I broke through this hollow shell that once held me so tight I couldn’t breathe)
A place to accept you don’t exist
(Come with me, jump off the edge)

“Smile for the camera, sweetheart
I really wanna immortalize this moment
Just remember the first step in forgetting
Is destroying all the evidence”
With friends like you
Who needs subtext?
Sub. Text. Sub. Text

This is a .44 caliber love letter straight from my heart

With a gun, make your shot
Let’s hope for better sh*t
(Straight {straight!} from {from!} my {my!} heart {heart!})
That reason for separation
(Straight {straight!} from {from!} my {my!} heart {heart!})
Straight from my heart
Christened by your bullet
I’m losing patience
Well I guess…
It’s my own fault

Don’t remember
Don’t remember
Don’t remember