Killer Lyrics

Killer Lyrics by Alex Isley :
Verse 1:
Should I be monotone like Dom, turnt up like Skeme
Social like Curtains, or just stick to doing me?
You could be cool, but my son turned three
I blinked, he turned four, he growing fast nah mean?
But how about mickey, I could be Neo too
Or like Big Sean goes right for the whole crew
K. Dot from the hub as well, What can I do?
When my inspiration is bigger than gang banging too
I could man to be, delivery is butter
Razor edge hairline fresh, live from the gutter
Dust off my hoodie, never no fumbles
You could never tell how long they gone love you
So cash me the f*ck out, I’m tryna bring the truck out
It seem like the world just want me to stay thugged out
Bust out with a bad b*tch with her bust out
All obstacles get bust on and drug out
Diamond Co. tee never bought one in my life
Black Scale pants, straight leg, all trife
Hunger in my eyes and in my stomach so tonight
You gone pay me what you owe me homie I deserve mine
By any f*cking means, and that f*cking means
I’mma f*ck the world finally for f*cking me
It’s time to turn the tables like Ski ??
Jazzy Jeff ?? the return of H-O-V!

Lights so bright they ??
I’m gonna ride cause I do that sh*t
So might ?? use that kick cause I kill..
I’m a killer, killer

Verse 2:
Catch me posted in a culdesac rolling