Stick Around Lyrics

Stick Around Lyrics by AC/DC :
[Verse 1]
You’ve been smiling lately baby
You been singing in the bath
You been acting like a lady
Not a dirty photograph

Then tonight you came home early
Packed a bag or two
It’s been worrying me, honey
Just what you’re going to do

Stick around, yeah
Stick around
Stick around, baby
Stick around

[Verse 2]
Well, you came on like a hurricane
About a month ago
Blowing like a stiff breeze
Always on the go

All the good times that we had, baby
All stayed in the past
All the good lays that I get
Never seem to last


C’mon, baby, sit on this!


[Verse 3]
What have I been doing lately
To make you want to go?
I take you out dancing
Honey, we can go out to a show

Spend a night romancing
Nights out on the town
Listen to me, baby
You’ll be glad you stuck around