Rock N Roll Dream Lyrics

Rock N Roll Dream Lyrics by AC/DC :
[Verse 1]
Deep water all around me
And circle sharks all about
Deep in trouble
Had me turned around
Man up, and one man down
You pretty women, gather ’round
You can’t pick up not a single sound
You feel you’re winning, that’s what it’s all about
Knowing you weren’t winning
And it could be the very last time

I could be in a rock n roll dream
I could be in a rock n roll dream

[Verse 2]
Circle sharks all about you
You come up and you don’t know why
Wet as a woman with a warm embrace
Does a man walk in the hard rain?
I’m amazed that they mess you ’round
You’re coming up, and they’re standing next in line
Give it a line and dive, run close
Hear me hollering, I get the most

[Chorus] [x2]

Circle sharks, down and ’round
Deep water all around, ’round, ’round
Deep water all around and ’round

[Chorus] [x2]