Goodbye Good Riddance To Bad Luck Lyrics

Goodbye Good Riddance to Bad Luck Lyrics by AC/DC :
[Verse 1]
Gettin’ bombed out on booze
Got nothing to lose
Run out of money
Disposable blues
Sleazy hotels
Like living in hell
The girl’s on the hustle
With nothing to sell

Want something for nothing
It’s always the same
Keep pushin’ and shovin’
And I’m down on the game
Always in trouble
Forever detained

Goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye and good riddance to bad luck

[Verse 2]
Well, spread out the news
There’s a free man loose
Back out of jail
And chasing some flooze
Bad luck has changed
Broken the chains
Laid out a claim
For monetary gains

Wantin’ what’s coming
All for the take
Freedom for lovin’
And lust for a taste
Eyes are wide open
Wild to the game



[Chorus] (x2)

Broken the chains of bad luck
Bye, bye, bye, bad luck
Throw down the gates of bad luck
Goodbye and good riddance
To bad luck