First Blood Lyrics

First Blood Lyrics by AC/DC :
[Verse 1]
Got a screaming feeling
Need a little lovin’ healing
Want some of that stuff
‘Cause I like a hot touch, yeah
Want a little squeezing
Just a touch and teasing
Maybe wrong, maybe right
But I like it every night

Come on, baby
Down my way
Then we’ll make it, night and day

I want first blood (A look in the eye)
First blood (A need in disguise)
Bad dog (Come back for more)
First blood (First blood, yeah)

[Verse 2]
Some like it hot
Some like it quite not so hot
But I like her touch
And I want it so much

Come on, baby
Down my way
We’re going to make it every night and day



I like it hot, hot, hot, hot

[Chorus] (x2)

I wanted first blood
Some like it hot
First blood
Alright, hot shot
Bad dog, he come back for more
I want first blood