Mike Larry The Classic John Doe 14 Lyrics

Mike Larry The Classic John Doe 14 Lyrics by 75ème Session :
I’m off the chain like a mo’ f*cker, wassup ?
Around bast*rds [?] basic : butt on a buster
You dig son ?
Stay is better, make a [?],just turn a true story, plus a word
Like a bunch of letters put together
Always the highest that you’ve ever seen
Even though what i ain’t saying
Damn thing worth mansion in ? means
Haha, can’t even keep a straight face
Can’t pass me in a nord
Haven’t to do that all the sh*t that they make
For reals, but what are you gonna do ?
Curent conditions of the game is actually
What gave me a job to do
To be honest I’m not really an MC
Trying to keep my pimpin’ strong for any bast*rds that offence me
So one thing [?] was funny
[?] that I see on a tube that make me sh*t [?]
It was The Classic, biznitch what’s happenned ? turn up the biz’
This is why you’re making by as much noise as one hand clappin’