Anna Kova Jane Doe 60 Lyrics

Anna Kova Jane Doe 60 Lyrics by 75ème Session :
I’m anonymous in this crowd
Try to reflect on my own self, but it’s too loud
It’s too loud
And at the end of the day, you try to walk away
From who you are with a couple drinks at the bar
So, I’d rather be the great unknown for now
Seems easier to live that way somehow, somehow
Got the fear of the unknown, well that’s a lie
You give yourself everyday like you’re not afraid to die
Just to live a little bit, and run a little bit
Excite those veins just by hitting it and hitting it again
You always want to get in my brain, leave a couple of stains
Keep the dust, put some dirt but
That ain’t gonna work, no
No that ain’t gonna work no more
Well what if I say my name?
Will it change a thing?
You’re always gonna find a reason to blame me
Not even trying to know the real me
Ooh I gotta say, I’m tired of this game
Tight up in egotistical chains
I know who I am and what I wannna be
Should I even care if you agree?
I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ll listen, listen and
Try to go along, given given
The time you took to put your words on your looks
And visions, all pleasing to your mind envisions
Let me just finish this lines, speak all my rhymes
I’mma get back to my direction, thanks for your attention