Unimpressed Lyrics

Unimpressed Lyrics by 57 Pixels :
I see all the people I don’t impress f*cking looking at me
Cause they barely brook me, laughing
Like my face is full of acne
Saying I should quit this foolish rapping
But my hooks are catch-y
I hate the sh*t these rappers are dishing out
They’re cooking’s nasty
The wind is shiftin’. I’ve been givin’ benediction
To be spittin’ rhythm. Powerful as engine pistons
It’ll make you sit ‘n listen. Simply glistenin’
Like some silverware within the kitchen
A spitting image of the sickest rippin’ it in league city
And of all of Houston: both Harris n Galveston County
To New York and Hollywood, Cali
If I was in England I’d be apart of the underground league
That raps on Diagon Alley
I’m just writing rhymes and buying time til they finally find me!
I’ll prove I’m happy now
That I got rid of a lot of the negatives that used to drag me down
And I still act a clown, probably not a lot of knowledge
Since I’m practically asinine enough to grab a nine
And blast it five times at a guy for no reason
Then fasten my seat belt and drive away
And leave ‘im bleeding on the cement
Nah, I’m kidding, yo. But It’s pitiful how unnameable we thought we were before
Becau-because compared to now it’ll soon be impossible for herbivores
Then the least of your problems will be when you might be served to court

It’s all f*cked up
All the kindness, love and hope is being filled in to dump trucks
Everyone’s main goal is to gain paper or bust nuts
While we let corrupt c*nts run stunts up in the gov’s club
But I’m just some punk, living in a time he once loved but dun want
Going on bout dumb stuff and wait what? Huh?
Its rap’s nemesis, whoms a killer lyricist, FidyPix dropping yet again another splendid hit