Epacs Enur Lyrics

Epacs Enur Lyrics by 57 Pixels :
[Verse I: 57 Pixels]
Uh, come over here girl, feel my Addy scimmy
I’ll top you off with whipped cream and add some jimmies
The Wilderness is where you could kill me
Until Jagex changed the rules on us unwillingly
Yeah, I know that you’re feeling me
With a level sixty in wizardry
Pestering pedestrians
Always want to get wrecked for free
But it takes the best in me
Not to beat these pussies; hysterectomy
Yeah, I still train on Rock Crabs
That shows the size of my c*ck’s sad
Then I get called fag, make noobs fall back
To Lumby, heheh like a God’s Wrath
Zamorak, he’s the man with an “enamius” c*ck
Like Ernest, man goddammit stop
Trail a watch to get that treasure
One mil exchanged grandly; max pleasure
No crafting experience, I spun a flax sweater
It’s always sunny in East Ardogue, no crap weather
Spent that money on gold trim just to be that fresher
I chill by the Swaying Tree, like Hugh Hefner
Heheh, yeah this that Runescape rap
People will be typing, ” Yo, who made that?”
We’ll fist pump and kick with
One leg til the click stick
Got ditched quick
Now I’m a p*ssed trick
Call every di*k licks
Since I’m such a misFist-
Of Guthix, cause I know you’ll soon love this
New game, new name, Level 3: Young b*tch
120 bil for my favorite hat: f*ck it!
I only got three items, nothing to dump with
Fisticuffs training my ASD, call it you All Suck di*k
Thirty minute grind turns into three hours life nothing
Barrows for a few years has been on um list of wanting
This is 50k lobby, why you only have thirty to front with?
Punk b*tch, taking poison cause you want to be with Romeo; love sick
A list with Eye of Newt and some sh*t
For Angela to start crumbling, to make the fastest blunt b*tch
30mil for just saying you’re my girlfriend? That’s nothing but a sl*t’s wish

[Verse II: Senor Wetback]
Prepare to taste my vengeance
While I slice you into pieces
Then I’ll do a dance around your dead corpses
You can’t handle the wrath of Zamorak
Prepare for an attack
Of the might blow
Of what’s down below
All across your face
You f*cking disgrace
Quit your b*tching, man
I’m the Champion
Better than Zezima
The best there ever was
Champion of Varrock
And the Slayer of Arrav
Eenie Meenie Miney Mo
f*ck your b*tch really slow
Lay her in my Teak Double bead
While your sister and mom give me head
Hopping on my D Spear
Let me make it very clear
Ain’t no body f*ck with me except them females
My D Scimmy wrecks your sh*t
While your sister sucks my di*k
Watching her boyfriend die, it’s okay
She’ll be crying tears of pleasure
While me and my clan gangbang her
Ha, KBD, Ha
Corporal Beast, Ha
Kava King?
Not even QBD can handle me!(HA!)
Saradomin runs and flees
Guthix stays asleep
Bandos waves a fan for me
And Armadyl cleans my feet
High up in the Citadel, I rule the skies
A golden angel in all eyes
I’m above all the Gods
Even Zaros’ head nods
So go crawl back to Tutorial Island
Or taste the wrath of the Runescape Stalin

[Verse III: 57 Pixels]
Void an outpost cause my arms are calling
Just gave a level three 30k to start jawing
My fat p*nis, and to f*cking clean this
Sweetness that I like to call the Barber
Cause my Hally cuts head clean off
My construction won’t allow the bed with starch
I need some one to sail my ship, Ned you twat
Level 90 in thieving and you still get caught
Damn, that’s sad dude
Dragon Dagger(p++)? What a fag’s move
Why don’t you just trust us, a glitch? Exactly
I don’t give enough f*cks. Will it work? Probably
Why don’t you just jump, into the pit of dragons
I’m JulBears, a.k.a. 57 Pixels
Talk sh*t, you’ll be getting weapons distal
And proximal, yeah with no questions mister
I’ll shoot your ass up like I’m sh*tting several pistols
I meant oak bows, this that folk flow
A Runescape promo, going in slomo
Ya homo, I need mo’ Dro ho
I’m the sh*t, but that’s something you already know though
I’ll split you apart like the RS logo

This that Runescape rap
People will be typing, ” Yo, who made that?”