Cunnulingus Lyrics

Cunnulingus Lyrics by 57 Pixels :
He’s needs vary when the lights turn on
It’s bright and warm, he has no paper so
He writes them on, his petty white ass palms
He’s ready to light them off
So he makes a tape, that shakes the place
The fear erased his face, and his mind straight goes blank
A great mistake was letting him think he’s great
You lames would say that he remains elate
But right now it’s a miracle; a light pound individual
Flows so deep he might drown in a swimming pool
Like wow you’re so lyrical
And your rhymes sound never minuscule
Then he wakes up to climb out of his pinnacle
I should of been next, this is Julian’s best
The good and the rest, I would of been in a pool of debris
A list full of fantasies, let me ponder this
God walked out randomly; left me fatherless
Buddha said can’t handle me, guess that’s honest sh*t
Got me finishing off a vodka fifth, bet that’s provocative
But no one could ever be stopping this, monstrous
Light skin whose skill is as big as Lochness tits
Wait, wait
Red appearing wrist with an olive skin tone
I’ve been called a failure ever since I’ve been born
The phrase, “Get thrown.” has been been thrown down more than windows
But now I get more looks than when I wear women clothes
Yo, they said they my word play needs work
And I’m not sucking a tionary’s Dic til my knees hurt
Gentlemanly, ladies say I’m sweet like dessert
But actually like Joe, my life will be Dirt
Seizures, a verse that’ll be truth
Blast mags in your ass til you’re see through
I’m not kidding unlike Shady I don’t need Proof
Permanent tear drops don’t mean I speak truth
I see you, bruised up and bloody like a fist fight
I’m an as*h*le, that’s why people say my sh*t’s tight
I spit right, I mean wrong at your b*tch wife
I quit life but it’s clinging on like twist ties
I’ve been given some easy free throws
At life, but this weight of the world on my shoulders makes the pain in my knees grow
Please though, let’s be honest
There’s a much of les’ on us
It’s best when stress sis less upon us
And I can’t wait to be wrecking stardom
It sucks that our world needs a coin dispenser to spin
I don’t care for much but in the center there’s Zen
We can’t do what we want to do without cost, literally
Nothing in life is free is imprinted in my memory