Bad B Tch Lyrics

Bad b tch Lyrics by 3two1 :
[Hook: Meezy]
I need a bad b*tch (bad b*tch bad b*tch)
I know what to do when they all coming through
I need a bad b*tch (bad b*tch bad b*tch)
Get the job done, I’ma hit it and run

[Verse 1: The Rookie]
Ya, nobody’s perfect but a bad b*tch
Let me tell you something bout a bad b*tch, just a tad bit
pus*y wetter than a muthaf*ckin’ rapid
pus*y so sweet no sugar added
Booty that attracts me like a magnet
Her legs open and close like a cabinet
Up top double D’s two handed
When she drops to her knees oooh dammit
Puts a finger in her pus*y gotta hand it
Clean-shaven but a strip gotta land it
Now that’s my M.O., bad b*tch hello
Wetter than a buzzer beater game 6 Melo

[Verse 2: WET]
I need one, want one, gotta have one
Don’t want no mediocre, want a bad one
Nothing in her Louis, but a magnum
I see her in my future Biff Tannen
She make me have to woosah
Little mama got a rack, I got them pool balls
Ass gigantic from the back just like a U-Haul
So much ass in the bathroom needed two stalls
She a cowgirl, she get low
She riding on the di*k and she swallow too
She powerful, when she let it go
She bounce that ass up and down follow through
When you need a bad b*tch nothing else will do
She the type to smile when you call her ratchet
A freak, a bop, a THOT, I’m telling you
This what I’m looking for, I need a bad b*tch

[Verse 3: Suenz]
Ay THOT, ay thick THOT
How yo ass fat like Rick Ross?
Waist skinny, Chris Rock
I ain’t wasting time, no trash to throw away my wristwatch
Invite me to your spot, come on and let me see that thang drop
Yea, girl I’m playing but I’m down to f*ck
Janky rappers must not really turn you on huh?
That’s why they sent me over to you like an envelope
Be cautious with your chick cause if i holler then it’s vamanos
Yea, and now I’m only taking dimers
Plan is to smash never take her to a diner
Game so tight, flow so recliner
So she let me paint her pus*y walls like primer
If I smashed it, I passed it, go after baddies with accents
She ain’t in pageants, I’m jammin’
It smell like salmon, I’m fastin’
I stretch that pus*y elastic
She doing flips like gymnastic
Her pus*y wet then I guess I’m swimming or rafting


[Verse 4: D-Lo]
Yea she got her own money, swear this b*tch is with the sh*t
When she say say she need some good, that b*tch talking bout the di*k
Look, 10 bands on me, twenty-eight up in his clip too
A gangsta with his sh*t, with a lisp and a chipped tooth
I love them bad b*tches, and on my mama I ain’t f*cking with them mad b*tches
She got a booty like a donkey, her purse got them bands in it
n*gga I’m a pimp so you know I got my hands in it
Me and my b*tch we be ridin’ like we n*ggas
You could be Beyonce, I’ll be Jigga
Red bottoms on leave them on that’s that grown sh*t
Since you had a long day, I’ma give you long di*k
I got a weakness for them b*tches with they own sh*t
That’s why she hella bad, that’s why she hella thick
She a mixed b*tch she just look white
Without a real n*gga by you, it don’t look right