Daydreamer Lyrics

Daydreamer Lyrics by 2nd Chapter of Acts :
Daydreamer dreams a dream of love
And finds none there
He’s dreaming his life away
He says that lovers come
Lovers go and leave him there
He’s never found anyone who really cares

Daydreamer dreams a dream of love
For someone else
Never a dream of love for real
He says that life has come and gone
And passed him by
He doesn’t know it’s just a lie

‘Cause dreams were made to give flight to wings
To bring hope in every part of you
Visions were meant to be lived, not just dreamt
To be brought out in the light
Freed from the night

So daydreamer, lay it down
Let it go and touch the ground
Let the sweet earth kiss your feet
Dust to dust, ashes to ashes
All fall down
Life’s a straight path of light
Not a merry-go-round